Pericles: Episode 5 - Sniveling Little Freshmeat

Jul 02, 07:00 AM

In growing to become the envy of all Tarsus, Marina earns the wrath of jealous Dionyza, who conspires to have her killed. Kidnapped by pirates and left for dead, she is sold to a brothel in Myteline, where she changes the hearts of all who would harm her. Pericles, thinking his daughter is dead, sets out to sea wracked with grief, wearing only sackcloth and vowing never to speak or cut his hair again.

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Play On Podcasts Series Pericles.

Marina, now grown, is the envy of all of Tarsus, much to the chagrin of the jealous Dionyza, who conspires to have her killed by her servant, Leonine. Overpowered by pirates who kidnap Marina, Leonine leaves her for dead and they take her to Myteline, where she is sold to a brothel. There, she drives her captors mad with her ability to change the hearts and minds of all the men who seek to rob her of her virginity, until she is met by the Lord Lysimachus, the governor of the land.  Meanwhile, Cleon and Dionyza, bickering in the aftermath of her treachery, must deliver the news of Marina’s death to Pericles, who has returned to Tarsus to bring his daughter home to Tyre. Wracked with grief and consumed by sorrow, Pericles sets out to sea wearing only sackcloth, vowing never to speak or groom himself again. 

The Cast:
KEITH DAVID as Pericles
JOHANNA DAY as Lychorida, Diana, and The Bawd
JOHN KEATING as Helicanus and  Philemon
JENNIE GREENBERRY as Marina and Antiochus’s Daughter
AMY WASCHKE as Dionyza and Thaisa
JEFF KING as Antiochus, Simonides and Pandar
BARZIN AKHAVAN as Cerimon and Thaliard
TOMMY SCHRIDER as Lysimachus and Leonine
BENJAMIN BONENFANT as Bolt, Messenger, Fisherman, Knight, Pirate, Sailor, Servant and Lord
ORLANDO PABOTOY as Cleon, Messenger, Fisherman, Knight, Pirate, Sailor, Servant and Lord
CHRISTIANA CLARK as Messenger, Fisherman, Knight, Pirate, Sailor, Ship’s Master, Servant and Lord

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