Ghislaine Maxwell 📼 Updates, 🚔 Belize Socialite Murder, Housewives Crimes & Ladies of London 🇬🇧 w/ Bravo Happy 🍷 Hour

Episode 12,  Jul 03, 2021, 02:30 AM

Jasmine Hartin was arrested for murder in Belize, Erika Jayne and Jen Shah's legal woes, Ghislaine Maxwell is trying to get sprung from jail and Bravo Happy Hour Guest Stars to discuss Ladies of London.

Larissa and Carrie are back after a little sabbatical! This week's headlines open the show - from the Belizean Socialite Murder, Ghislaine Maxwell's appeals to get out of jail as well as talk about the Real Housewives that are committing crimes. In honor of Carrie's birthday, the show is re-releasing the Ladies of London episode from the archives with special guest, Megan O'Donnell from Bravo Happy Hour. We hope you enjoy!

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