Find my Pocket

Episode 24,  Jul 06, 2021, 11:27 AM

Following on from last week’s blog about the ‘dangerous’ new Bookshelf feature on my Pocket, I feel the need to make a public service announcement!

I suspect that I am far from the only one to be feeding a serious audiobook habit through my Pocket and experiencing the side-effects of having a loaded Bookshelf and several titles on the go at once.

It’s easy enough to find the last book you were listening to by asking Pocket to ‘Find Recent Books’. The title will be number one on the list and simply saying ‘Play’ will return you to your last reading position. And, likewise, asking Pocket to ‘Find Bookshelf’ will give you a list of the titles you have selected, most recent first.

But, if like me, you have got carried away and now have dozens of titles on your Bookshelf, you might be wasting valuable reading time going through them looking for a book whose title you only vaguely remember. So, in the interests of decluttering, here’s a tip that I learned from the ever-helpful Technical Support Team at RealSam.