Teaching Yourself How to Heal Your Inner Child w/Hazel Antiporta

Season 2, Episode 39,  Jul 08, 2021, 04:07 PM

Hazel is a Healing and Transformation Coach. She helps people to live freely, get back to their inner child, and just PLAY. 

Main Focus: Breaking through mental blockages.

Hazel was feeling this need to follow what others around her were doing, and so much to a point where she didn’t even recognize her own voice. I think a lot of us can certainly relate to a feeling like this, or similar.

She even draws back to the parenting you may have had (or not had) when you were young. Perhaps your parents worked really pressing jobs and therefore they weren’t around as much. 

Hazel provided an example: On a surface level, you could have known that ‘mom and dad are just working’ but on a subconscious level, your thoughts could be ‘oh, they are not here often, I must not be lovable.’ We then repeat these patterns into adulthood. Crazy how this all works out, huh? 

We then move to other relationships, such as romantic partners. 

Your relationships are not by accident. Remember your ex(es)? Yeah, they also mean more than you can imagine. We tackle this in the episode ;)

“The inner child is the pure version of you who’s just so filled with light, knowledge and has faith in everything and just wants to play . You feel so safe around the world to express yourself. But, as you grow older, you start to heed to other people’s voices…” — Hazel A.; 4:45

“Partners are not just for intimate experience, they’re also a mirror reflection of what we are going through and need to heal.” — Hazel A.; 12:00

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