Sophie Cross

Jul 09, 04:05 AM
We’ve set tripwires to snare the Jimmy Choo’s of the freelance community’s very own Anna Wintour, the editor of Freelancer Magazine, Sophie Cross.  
An OG freelancer with over 15 years’ marketing experience, Sophie launched her very own 100-pages of glossy printed freelance goodness earlier this year. 
She talks to us her first cheese-related jobs, thinking she wasn’t creative enough for marketing, sausage and mash business plans, launching a magazine, her ‘Kevin from Home Alone’ moment, starting before you’re ready, the immensely supportive freelance community, how to get your first client and more. Ears this way please. 

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Issue 2 ‘Community’ of Freelancer Magazine is out now 
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Listen to the stunning rendition of Dave Harland’s poem ‘Dogs’ 
Sophie kindly dedicated this episode to @thatcontentshed 
Sophie’s book recommendations are:
The Artists Way by Julia Cameron  
The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton