Loot Box Special: Laws, Concerns & Preview Packs with Dr. David Zendle #W40

Jul 09, 02:30 AM

University of York Lecturer, Dr. David Zendle joins your host Ben to discuss developments, concerns and the future of Loot Boxes and Ultimate Team packs:
  • What is Problem Gambling?
  • Are FUT packs Loot Boxes?
  • What has Zendle's research found?
  • What is the link between Loot Boxes and Problem Gambling?
  • Why is this link concerning?
  • Are governments attempting to regulate or ban loot boxes?
  • Would 'self-earned' packs be different to purchased?
  • Will Preview Packs prevent the problematic behaviour and gambling link?
  • If there was Loot Box regulation — would Preview Packs fall outside that?
  • What impact do Loot Box Opening videos have?
  • How you can help or get involved
  • Much more!

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