#1 Brainy AI — with Stuart Russell and Tomaso Poggio

Episode 1,  Jul 09, 2021, 10:24 AM

Do we need to understand the brain to make progress in artificial intelligence? In the first podcast in the series, Stuart Russell and Tomaso Poggio contrast “deep learning” with our own organic neural networks. In an age of great demonstrations by the likes of Deep Mind and OpenAI, our guests make the case for focusing on controlled experimentation, and question the wisdom of using AI in science before it is fully understood. The mystery of intelligence, says Poggio, is the greatest problem in science today — if we solve it, we solve all other problems too.

To find out more, join hosts Mark Rayner and Abha Eli Phoboo as they speak with Stuart and Tomaso on the subject of Brainy AI.
Stuart Russell is a renowned expert in machine learning, and a leading thinker on AI safety. Tomaso Poggio is one of the founders of computational neuroscience. His students have made a profound impact on machine learning.