EP. 23 - WISCONSIN - Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal (PT. 1)

Episode 23
Jul 11, 05:11 AM

Jeffrey. Dahmer. One of the most notorious names in true crime. You may THINK that you know the true story of "The Milwaukee Cannibal", but, do you REALLY? Do you know about the jogger that he almost killed? How about the fact that Jeffrey brought flasks of alcohol to class in middle school? This podcast is DARK. GRUESOME. And VERY thorough. This is Pt. 1, of the unbelievable story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.

(Episode Notes: We used audio from the interview between Stone Phillips & Jeffrey Dahmer, and his parents Lionel and Joyce. We also use audio from an interview with Jeffrey Dahmer conducted by Nancy Glass)

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