Vanilla Sky

Jul 12, 04:01 AM
We're BOUNCING from McG's Charlie's Angels to Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky! We're celebrating another 20th Anniversary. You don't have to Abre los ojos for this episode, but you may want to abre los orejas and enjoy! 

Thanks to Cameron Diaz for this BOUNCE!  

(1:45 - 8:10) Harry gushes over Ed Harris ... his forearms and his testosterone.
(8:15 - 1:08:15) Mike and Harry discuss Vanilla Sky (EXTREME SPOILERS), as well as the deleted scenes. Love it? Hate it? Does the film stand the test of time? Mike will also reveal the ultimate SPOILER ... a SPOILER you may have missed even after watching the film several times. 

Where will we bounce to next week? Will it be Cameron Crowe's "We Bought a Zoo"? ... or "Zoolander 2" with Penelope Cruz? ... or "Hateful Eight" with Kurt Russell? ... or "Suspiria" with Tilda Swinton? Find out next week!
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