#44 The Biggest Crisis Leaders Face

Episode 44,  Jul 12, 2021, 10:42 AM

In this episode John & Rachael pull together the leadership thoughts of their guests from the previous three shows, and start by taking a light-hearted look at comparing the England football team, and the team in #10. 

Highlighting the sober curious movement when they were joined by Clare Pooley; they discuss what we can learn from a youthful leadership and why it might be a good idea, to be more aware about how much we drink. 

Reflecting on their conversation with Crisis Management expert Jonathan Hemus; they consider where your organisations biggest crisis ‘blind spot’ might be.

When it comes to the benefits of ‘intricate goal setting’ they remember their conversation with Huddersfield Giants Rugby League Captain - the inspirational Michael Lawrence.

Leadership Essentials

  1. Be aware of your drinking levels and the culture it sets in your organisation
  2. What are your most likely crisis blind spots - could it be your leadership team and their behaviours?
  3. Setting intricate goals can be a great way to increase motivation, and maintain high performance

In the Coaching Approach our fictional organisation has been enjoying new employee well-being benefits, but a decision made to change a key supplier has come back to bite our leaders, how will they react? Can they use any of our leadership essentials to help them respond? What does it say about this organisations culture when it comes dealing with a crisis?