Football, politics and the rise of sado-populism

Jul 15, 05:00 PM
In this week's episode, host Steve Anglesey is joined by writer and broadcaster Steve Richards who rebukes claims that football results have a direct effect on political polls. Writer, communicator and our Editor-at-large Alastair Campbell explains how, and why, sado-populists get away with their sado-populist politics. Plus, we include a snippet of Jason Solomons' interview with the great Charlotte Gainsbourg, exclusively from the Cannes Film Festival and you can listen to the interview in full in our special edition episode on the world's most influential film festival, online now. Finally, Mail on Sunday columnist Dan Hodges, Ann Widdecombe and Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce enter the Hall of Shame. Enjoyed this episode? Let us know by tweeting @TheNewEuropean