Christian Woodford - Elite Athlete Coach & Fixing Australia's Broken S & C System

Season 2, Episode 15,  Jul 18, 2021, 07:23 AM

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In todays episode we chat with the one and only Christian Woodford founder of Woodford Sports Science Consulting in Melbourne Australia.

Christian is a no nonsense fast talking and intense personality and we quickly delved deep into many topics surrounding S&C from his early days as a trainer in a globo gym, studying sports and Neuroscience at university, working in a Division 1 collegiate Football program in America, founding Woodford SSC and literally pioneering the elite private Strength & Conditioning market in Australia, working with numerous high profile AFL (and other sporting) Athletes in Australia and much much more!

The pace of the conversation moves quick but theres some incredible insight and value from one of not only Australia's but the worlds sharpest minds in Strength & Conditioning and athlete preparation!

Enjoy the Show.