Bonus Episode - Meet The Musician (Flute)

Season 1,  Jul 19, 2021, 02:00 PM

Meet Amna a professional flute player. She's the musician behind the sound of the big, beautiful bird you heard in episode 1.

"The music in Armchair Adventures is so important. It really helps set your imagination free!"

While we're busy creating the next series of Armchair Adventures, here's release some extra special bits for you to enjoy!

First up, we're rewinding back to the start, to Linda's Treetop Adventure in episode 1. If you remember, while exploring the world from up high, we meet a beautiful bird. This was represented by the flute and in this bonus episode you meet the wonderful musician behind it - Amina!

You'll learn how Amina became a professional musician, how she made the music to represent the bird and some top tips for any young musicians out there!

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Produced by Made By Mortals
Music & Sound Design by AJS Music
Flute by Amina Cunningham

Series 2 is out in Autumn 2021! Follow us for bonus material until then - thanks guys! Love ya!