British GP Review - Analysis from the UK and Netherlands

Jul 19, 11:34 AM
The fallout from the frantic first lap, which saw Max Verstappen hit the tyre wall in a 51G impact at Copse corner and Lewis Hamilton receive a 10 second penalty, has continued for hours after the race. We wanted to understand some different perspectives on the podcast today, so first up we talk to Ben Anderson (Editor, GP Racing).

Ben has driven many laps of Silverstone and competed in races where overtaking at Copse did not end up the same as we saw in Formula 1. Ben provides an insight into what it’s like behind the wheel when going into battle at that corner.

Then we talk to Mike Mulder (Editor, Netherlands) to hear the Dutch perspective, and how they viewed the incident. 

Ariana Bravo is fresh from interviewing the divers in the paddock and joined by Jake Boxall-Legge (Technical Editor, Autosport) to analyse the rest of the action at the British Grand Prix.