Issue 396: Talking All Things Loki Live From Comicpalooza

Jul 20, 09:00 AM

Today's issue of the podcast is a special one because over this past weekend we were given the opportunity to podcast live from the show floor of Comicpalooza, Houston's biggest event for all things pop culture. Firstly, a huge thank you to Cary Gordon, Erica Corbett, Mark Neiser, and the rest of the Comicpalooza podcast program organizers, staff, and volunteers for allowing us to participate in this year's event. We can't say it enough about just how excited we were and how grateful we are for the opportunity to be part of this great event for pop culture and the city of Houston. Also we can't thank the audience enough for their participation and really just taking the time to check out Comicast. Walking up to see a packed audience was a shock, a bit nerve racking, and just really amazing for us and meant a lot so we can't thank the audience members enough for their time. For this podcast we talked all things Loki and what it meant for the future of the MCU.