How to Have Faith with No Support

Jul 21, 04:00 AM
In this week’s bonus episode, Tatum talks about how to navigate times where you feel alone and it’s hard to keep your faith in God’s plan. Tatum also gives examples of people in the Bible in similar situations, such as Gideon, Rahab, and Elizabeth, and how to use a study bible to combat overwhelming emotions.

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To help you stay accountable during your business meetings, we’re hosting a 10-day challenge from August 2-11th! Here’s what you can expect:
  • Corporate prayer with women who are on fire for God
  • Daily video prompts from Tatum to get your mind flowing throughout the challenge
  • A session called “How To Practically Walk w/ God” with Keviah Watrice, founder of the She Who Is Called Mobile App + co-host of The Society.
  • Faith Q/A Session w/ Tatum (1 hour)
  • Here’s how you can join:

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