Pop Screen: Amy (with Aidan F)

Jul 22, 05:00 PM
There aren't many pop movies of the 2010s that won an Oscar, but then there aren't many pop movies as well-crafted and emotionally devastating as Asif Kapadia's 2015 documentary Amy. A bruising look at the rise and fall of Amy Winehouse told with intimate archive footage, it's both a celebration of a unique talent and an excoriation of the culture that led to her death.

On this week's Pop Screen, Aidan joins Graham to discuss who, if anyone, the villain of the movie is, what it says about 2000s Britain that it killed its one true pop icon, and who added those wretched synth strings to Take the Box. We also celebrate Winehouse's pointed, sometimes shocking lyrics and unmistakable voice, and pour cold water on the "27 Club" mythology - without noticing the episode number for this very show...

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