Ep 06: Sharing Our Ride Or Die Hair Products

Jul 22, 02:00 PM

Welcome back to another episode of A Shot With AMR, brought to you by AMR Hair and Beauty Supplies. In today's episode we take a look into Chloe and Sharna's ride or die hair products found at AMR with one exception, because Sharna may have just found a product that's even better than Olaplex! 

We have some questions for you...

1. Are you a "salon product snob" or "hair h*e*?

2. Do you pick your products from the front or go straight to the back?

3. What makes you pick up a product, the packaging or smell?


Hosts: Chloe Wills and Sharna Kalwy


Moroccan Gold Series Truffle Mask

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask 

Design.ME Quickie Dry Shampoo Light Tones (available for dark tones too)

Inebrya Sakura Restorative Illuminating Oil 

Inebrya Style-in Illuminator Glossing Spray

Dumb Blonde No Yellow Shampoo

Read the Mamamia article we mentioned about Dumb Blonde here

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