Up Late Creating With K-Wicks

Episode 44,  Jul 23, 2021, 11:04 PM

Music Credit: Intro: A'int It Lovely~ K-Wicks Late September~ Scooter Rogers, Jai Baby, and K-Wicks What I Want~ K-Wicks Swing My Way~ K-Wicks Another Sad Love Song Vol 2~ K-Wicks

Picture credit: From K-Wicks Instagram

 Thank you so much to Kyle for welcoming us into his house and coming on the show. I hope you all love learning all about this up and coming artist of many different trades. I know I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what is next for Mr K-Wicks.
  I was in Los Angeles, California for the 2021 B Boy Summit with my friends Big Wyno, Tone Deff, and Kelsi plus others to experience this amazing event! I got to see the total love in every single person there. I wish I had been smart enough to interview some of the people there, like Scribe Sayer. I was just in awe, except for that Cali sun! Cali and Oregon sun are two different kinds, just ask Akira. Dude got burned and yet was still super white. Ok ok, enough roasting.