FREELANCER // My Top Tips On Creating A Successful Freelance Business

Oct 20, 2020, 04:00 AM

Happy Tuesday my loves and welcome back to another juicy episode — this time we’re talking business baby!! Specifically, how you can create a freelance business that brings you either part-time or full-time income!


Gran ya water, a notepad and your fave gel ink pen, tune in and get ready for me to spill all the tea on freelancing!


In today’s episode we’re chatting all about:

  • How a few things will be changing on the podcast in terms of the content and why...
  • What it means to receive an invitation as a projector and what you do with an invitation...
  • My biggest tips for those starting a freelance business — from CRM tools, to taxes, to niching down...
  • My favorite CRM tool and why I recommend it to new freelancers...
  • And SO much more!


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