MIMOSAS // Childhood Trauma, Discovering Your Intuition, Understanding The Collective Perception Of Reality And More!

Jun 23, 2020, 04:00 AM

Happy Tuesday, my loves — today we’re back with another juicy episode! This week I visited Tanya and Terre in Philadelphia (mind you, I haven’t seen them in person for 2 years y’all!!) and we decided to record this episode that we have been chatting about for so long!! I am so excited for y’all to hear this one. It’s a bit different, but also more of the same of what we know and love from Manifest Daily. 


Grab ya mimosa, wine or plain tequila babyyyy and let’s settle in for another one of ya fave!


In today’s episode Tanya, Terre and I are chatting all about:

  • How spirituality has gone mainstream and how we’ve perceived the effects of that happening
  • Our thoughts on recent capitalistic approaches to wellness and spirituality — pros and cons
  • The significance of your childhood and the effect that it has on your romantic relationships and perception of the world as an adult
  • How the recent astrological shifts and eclipses have been affecting us in our everyday lives and relationships
  • Terre’s encounter with spirits and her journey to opening up more to the unknown and unseen
  • A deep dive into understanding perception, belief and truth
  • Our take on collective reality, how it’s created and also changed
  • And SO much more!


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