DISCOMFORT // The Struggles That Come With Adapting To Change And Welcoming Your Constant Evolution

Jun 12, 2020, 04:00 AM

Happy Friday, my loves (apologies on this episode’s delay) — we’re back with another juicy episode!


In today’s episode I’m chatting all about:

  • What it’s been like adjusting to my new home environment
  • Why we can have adverse responses to changes that even we wished for and manifested
  • The process of welcoming discomfort that comes with change
  • Who the Manifest Daily Membership is TRULY for
  • My famous pesto recipe — yessss this one low-key turned into a cooking episode at the end and I tell y’all my secret ingredient to making the BEST pesto from scratch!
  • My gratitude towards you all — new listeners and solid OG’s, y’all are truly LIT! Thank you for being here! 


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