I QUIT // Leaving the 9-5 That No Longer Serves to Pursue Passion Goals w/ Terre Yisrael

Oct 15, 2019, 04:01 AM

Happy Tuesday, y'all and welcome back to the podcast! Today, we're sitting down with one of my dear friends Terre, and we're talking all about her journey from being an employee in a corporate environment to leaving that job and diving into entrepreneurship full time! We discuss the ways that Terre prepped for this big change, what she's been up to since and advice that she has for anyone else looking to making this move in their life as well! 


In this episode we’re talking all about:

  • Terre's journey in the 9-5 rat race and the reason behind her decision to leave
  • How Terre mentally, emotionally, spiritually and materialistically prepared to leave her 9-5
  • The transition from being an employee to being a boss
  • Terre's top advice to entrepreneurs feeling trapped in jobs they're not passionate about
  • Where is Terre taking her business next and what is she planning for Q4 2019 into 2020


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