Ep. 490 - The Magical Negro: Tackling the “Blacks Can Take More Pain” Theory

Jul 29, 01:04 PM
While I'm away on vacation, the staff at The North Star will be playing some of our favorite episodes from some of our other podcast series. Today, here's a very special episode of Sick Empire. Be sure to subscribe to them on your favorite podcasting platform!

On Season 2 of Sick Empire we are focusing on the healing practices and journeys of Black folx in New York and across the country to share the diverse paths of healing that we can explore after the coronavirus has left so many of us in sick in more ways than one.

You’ll hear our host Branden Janese interview an eclectic group of modern day healing practitioners, from a Reiki Master and yoga teacher in West L.A, to a holistic advocate in Atlanta, to a New York based Black feminist professor, scholar and mental health therapist.