Ep. 385 - GOP Senator Asks Biden Nominee If He Believes in God

Jul 30, 05:24 AM

This week, we talked about GOP hypocrisy, Hobby Lobby, Pastor Mark Driscoll, and more.

Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Come to our in-person meetup in Chicago this August!

— A GOP senator asked a Biden nominee if he believed in God. (1:19)

— An Ohio church invited a transphobic speaker and can’t handle the backlash. (17:13)

— What is going on with Hobby Lobby and the Gilgamesh tablet? (29:00)

— A preacher claimed to have proof of God’s powers. We know he’s lying. (37:39)

Mark Driscoll‘s former elders say he shouldn’t be preaching. Too little, too late. (46:33)

— Facebook is helping churches now. Oh no… (58:39)

— A Catholic priest says residential school survivors are lying to make money. (1:04:05)

Pastor Greg Locke says he’ll kick you out of his church if you’re wearing a mask. (1:07:07)