Men Tall All & Tre Never Stops Talking

Jul 30, 09:12 AM
We've made it to the Men Tell All aka "The Next Bachelor" Audition showdown between Andrew S. and Michael A. They both clearly want the gig, laying the fake sadness/heartbreak on thick. 

Is Katie giving us bitter, boring vibes with the guys? we want to see an entire season of Sad Dad Bachelor? (Michael A.)
Does America want to see back to back Black Bachelors? (Michelle Young followed by Andrew S. would technically make 4 black leads out of the 5 most recent seasons).  One thing we know for sure: Tre wants to be seen, heard, & loved... bless his heart. The Blackchelor Bros discuss all of this & so much more!

#MichaelA #sshole

Hosts: Jason. Chris, & Aaron