Triple Talaaq | The Law, The Women, Two Years on

Jul 30, 11:42 AM
The law against Triple Talaq or The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019, was passed two years ago amid protests from the opposition who blamed the government for targetting only the Muslim community. On 30th July 2019, this law was passed in the parliament with 99 votes in its favor.

Giving triple talaq would be a non-bailable and cognizable offense, meaning the police would not need a warrant for arrest. The victim will get the right to alimony and the magistrate will decide the issue.

This law criminalizes the Islamic practice called 'Talaaq-e-biddat' that grants instant divorce when a husband utters the word 'talaq' three times for his wife.

Now, on the two-year anniversary of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019, we spoke to two women who filed their cases under this law. Joining us in the podcast is the managing partner of LCZF(Law Firm), Firdouse Qutb Wani, who has also been the Amicus Curiae, Hon'ble National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, New Delhi. We are also joined by Wajeeh Shafiq, advocate on record, the Supreme Court of India. He is also the standing counsel for Delhi Waqf Board, Delhi High Court. He has also represented Rizwan Ahmad, the husband of Shayara Bano, in Writ Petition (C) no.118/2016 ( Shayara Bano vs. Union of India & ors ) (Triple Talaq case). Rizwan Ahmad was respondent no. 5 in that case.