Around the Monitor 7/23 - Activision Blizzard Employees Walk Out

Jul 30, 2021, 04:34 PM

Around the Monitor's back bringing you the week's hottest gaming news! Topics include: Activision Blizzard employees walk out and everything is terrible, also Pokemon Unite has predatory monetization, and Krispy Kreme is making Xbox doughnuts?

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Time Codes:

00:00 - Intro
1:43 - Trivia: What is Bobby Kotick’s net worth?
5:27 - Topics
6:15 - Let’s talk about Activision some more...
Activision’s employees sign petition in protest of the company’s response to lawsuit 
Activision CEO Bobby Kotick writes open letter to employees 
Social Media Messages surface regarding “the cosby suite”
It’s so bad that Ubisoft’s employees also took this moment to address what hasn’t been done to fix things at their company
Blizzard employees stage a walkout and make a list of 4 requests 
And as all of this is happening, Activision has hired a union busting firm
40:49 - Palette Cleanser 
41:45 - Pokemon Unite under fire for monetization 
48:31 - The PS5 is still the fastest selling PlayStation console
53:54 - Xbox partners with Krispy Kreme to make… Xbox Doughnuts. Yes, really. 
56:23 - The Winner is…
57:52 - Closing and Plugs

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