Nick Redfern, 8.1.21 - Marilyn Monroe + Kennedys + Aliens = Conspiracy powder keg x3

Jul 30, 09:01 PM

Examination of the personal relationships between those known to be close to Marilyn or have proximity for other reasons offers a known list of characters who also could have been considered targets if indeed her 'diary of secrets' implicated them in some fashion.

Conspiracy triple play - Hollywood, Politics and ETs. A perfect indoor diversion from the summer heat.

Nick Redfern has long been captivated by this mystery. Diligently mapping the knowns, he outlines the supporting cast and details the significance of their presence in Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe, Amazon. 

Decades after the untimely death of the Hollywood superstar, best-selling author, Nick Redfern revives the mystery. Doesn't hurt that he has in his possession a document - believed to be authentic - suggesting an interesting UFO correlation when it first surfaced in 1994.

That document suggested Marilyn had knowledge that could put her at risk.

The problem is now that so much time has passed, subsets to the main characters with significant clues to toss at us - if they do exist - may have become well camouflaged or deceased.

Nick's research indicates connecting pieces of the puzzle were intentionally removed. Actions by various third parties at the time of Marilyn's death suggest purposeful scrubbing of locations and collecting of items that may have been considered incriminating.
The list of questions expands along with the body count. Nick suggests he plans to keep this file open - on the hope another clue will drop to fill in the blanks. No use signing off just yet.

With luck a great-grandchild might surface with a deathbed key - timed to unlock the pertinent details when the dust has long settled - ensuring no past, present or future fallout to any of the major, minor or crypto players.

Bio: British Ufologist and Cryptozoologist, Nick specializes in all things Fortean, Paranormal and Unexplained. Author of more than 60 books, he is an active advocate of official disclosure and has worked to uncover thousands of pages of previously-classified Royal Air Force, Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence files on UFOs dating from the Second World War from the Public Record Office.

Nick is a regular on the History Channel: Monster Quest and UFO Hunters. He can also be seen on National Geo's Paranormal and SyFY's Proof Positive.

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