The Part of You That is Unchanging with Renata Taravski

Aug 02, 09:00 AM
Today we are continuing with our one year celebration bringing back another fan favourite Renata from season one!

This episode is super important because we converse about the topic of identity. In this new and emerging world who we truly are is one of the most important things to discover because the age of inauthenticity is over!

I believe you can only operate out of alignment for a certain period of time before the consequences of that become too much to bear. Both of us know from personal experience what that pain feels like - which is why we can have this conversation and want to share our knowledge with you so that you can avoid that all together.

This episode is a must listen if you want to gain clarity on being the most authentic version of yourself - hope you enjoy it!

During this episode we discuss:

Your self worth being tied to your identity 

What happens when you operate not in alignment with who you truly are

Astrology as a tool to embrace all of who you are without judgement 

What does Renata believe about our souls?

Judgements were made to help us stay safe but what else can they mean?

You are saying affirmations everyday whether you are aware or not 

Do you have the tools to deal with change and uncertainty?

What’s the first dance principle about?

Renata’s Bio:
Renata is a Soul Alignment Coach, intuitive astrologer, wellness witch and Naturopath, committed to helping you  stop “should-ing” your way through life,  step into your higher purpose and confidently service the world the way you were born to.
If you love a no-BS approach, with a lil’ woo-woo, and someone who’s already walked the path, to tell you exactly what you need to do to make that happen... you and here are going to be a great fit.

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