Harry Kane: A Striker On Strike

Aug 03, 01:28 PM
The Golden Boy of English football has rocked the boat! Harry Kane seems desperate for a move away from Spurs this summer as he boycotted training on Monday (update: on Tuesday as well) in an attempt to force a move. What could the fallout of this be? Will Daniel Levy buckle and agree to a deal with Manchester City, or will Kane be forced to see out his contract against his wishes? This saga is bound to have a few more unexpected twists and turns...

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has agreed to a pay cut but a contract has not and cannot be signed yet, because Barcelona are way above the permitted La Liga salary cap! Nothing more pleasing to see those corrupt Spanish giants get what they deserve!

The boys also discuss all the new rules the English FA and FIFA are intending to introduce into the game. Kick-ins, shorter halves, unlimited substitutions and curbs on the number of headers allowed in training. Kya ho raha hai mere football ko?!

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