Fake News - 08/05/2021

Aug 05, 05:24 PM
Fake News, 2 stories are real, 1 is a fake

  • Ronn had his "prescription" filled in #Colorado while taking in all the "greenery" the #Rockies had to offer.
  • Ronn walked out on a bar tab out with his wife and some of the other parents from his son's baseball team
  • Ronn's son's baseball club sent two teams to this #WorldSeries tournament in Vail, one of the days there, his son played for the other team but didn't tell his current team until a few innings into the game.
  • Ronn and some of the other fathers were able to escape from the kids and got their #BrysonDechambeau on the course up in #Vail.
  • Ronn's wife has a fear of heights, but the most relaxed she was during the trip was on a gondola ride back down #VailMountain.