The "Ideal Partner Concept" - What does your perception of your ideal partner actually tell you about you!

Aug 06, 08:13 AM

In this episode you will be able to learn the exact aspects of life which are key for you to be working on for your own happiness and development! Yes, despite the name of the concept, whether you are happily settled in a relationship, recently single or looking to date, learn why this will likely result in unhappiness if you do not begin by working on aspects of your own life and happiness first but also will show you the aspects that are key for you to work on!

The show for all things related to your mind, health and happiness! 

The aim of this podcast is to bring you the same concepts that have seen those working with Adam over the years achieve fulfilment and happiness in all areas of life.

Why do you struggle in some areas in life yet thrive in others?  How much does our mental state affect our health? Perceptions - the key to happiness? Learn to love yourself and exude that energy that lights up a room bringing you success at work in relationships!

Through his two obsessions in life, firstly fitness and more recently psychology and mental health, Adam will not only bring you some wonderful concepts he has learnt from mentors such as John Demartini and his own study into philosophy and psychology but also some new material where his knowledge of the human body and its systems through the fitness background and knowledge on human psychology come together! 

If you are looking to improve any aspect of your life then this show is for you! You will also gain an insight into the best approaches to tackle mental health issues such as depression or anxiety to concepts that are set to improve how we treat other illnesses such as ADHD and eating disorders.

If you have enjoyed Adams "Marcus Aurelius' Meditations for Modern Life" podcast then you will love this show!