F1's Half Term Report Card - We rate the drivers & teams

Aug 06, 01:10 PM
Half way through the 2021 Formula 1 season (pedants would like it known that exact moment is sometime during practice at Spa) we're using the Summer break to reflect on a breathless start to the season. Ariana Bravo is fresh off the plane from Budapest and joined by Alex Kalinauckas (Grand Prix Editor, Autosport) and Stuart Codling (Executive Editor, GP Racing). All three have spent time back at racetracks this year and give us their inside scoop on life in the paddock.
On today's podcast we discuss:
  • How Max Verstappen has lost too many points
  • If Lewis Hamilton is as challenged as 2016’s Nico Rosberg defeat
  • How their teammates have played the support roles
  • Which team is winning the midfield battle
  • Where Autosport readers have ranked the drivers after 11 races
  • Who will be racing alongside Hamilton at Mercedes in 2022
...and a lot more!