'Meri Maa ki Shaadi' – Of Divorce, Remarriage, and All Things Fate (Part 2)

Episode 10
Aug 18, 03:43 AM

In 'Meri Maa ki Shaadi', a daughter takes us on a journey of her mother's possible remarriage. Will the daughter be able to play cupid for her mother and bring two hearts closer to each other?

In continuation of episode 8, we follow the story of Dr Tamanna, who is a divorcee and mother saves the life of 33 yr old Vaid. During the treatment, vaid falls for Dr Tamanna.

What will happen next in their story? 

Will Dr Tamanna accept Vaid's love? 

Will their story see a happy end?

Tune in to the 9th episode of Qisse Kahaniyaan to follow the journey of Dr Tamanna.

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Narrator, Writer and Sound Designer: Athar Rather
Editor: Shelly Walia