Sportocalypse Now: Episode 3 - Club 20 Trivia Night

Season 2, Episode 24,  Aug 19, 2021, 12:22 AM

We’ll be honest, not being able to play golf, go and see our mates and really a myriad of other annoying/depressing happenings across the state of NSW/Australia/the world has been starting to take its toll.

Like a lot of you out there, we’ve been pretty flat these past few days, so we were pleasantly surprised to find an activity that was a very happy distraction. 

Hopefully it can be the start of an enjoyable afternoon (or morning, we don’t judge here) session for you as well! 

If we can’t go out into the world, can’t go and enjoy a nice cold beverage with good friends at the pub or club, then we thought let’s bring the pub to you.

Club 20 Scoring System

It’s out of 40 points and let us be the first to tell you, if you claim to get all 40 of them we'll accuse you of cheating and slowly shake my head in a very deliberate, very judgmental way at you. 

Don’t be that person, after all you are only cheating yourself. 

  • 0-5 Points: Really? Less than five? Geez this can’t have been fun for you at all. You’ve managed to handle this trivia worse than Scotty and Gladys have handled the pandemic!
  • 6-15 Points: Look you tried, you got a few right, had a few drinks and forgot for just an hour where you are and why you’re stuck there – so in one sense you are the real winners of this trivia. Of course, in another more real and legally binding sense, you were very far from winning anything and kind of went pretty shit, but thanks for playing.   
  • 16-25 Points: Solid effort, well played. Look you didn’t get the win but you are proud of the effort from the boys, you’ve given credit to the opposition and will look forward to putting in a mathematically impossible 110% effort next week, hoping to better control only that which you can control (and nothing more). 
  • 26-36 points: Very well done. You’ve earned the comfort that comes with knowing you are generally fairly good at things, but honest enough to mark yourself wrong especially on any 50/50 calls. Shout yourself the rest of the afternoon off and go and grab another beverage.  
  • 37-40 Points: Like everyone in the clubhouse when they finally locate that team that ‘shot 49 and missed a few putts too’ at the local Ambrose day, we are simultaneously in awe of your score and consider you are a dirty, dirty cheater. As we shake your hands and smile at you, all we are thinking is that your lies are making baby jesus cry! 

Who knows, we may make these abit more regular if people like them, so if you do/did, let us know about it via twitter @Club20_ or by liking/sharing it with your mates.