Aerospace, red tape and is there any mileage in moaning?

Aug 19, 2021, 05:00 PM

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey delves into the latest choice remarks from foreign secretary Dominic Raab and hears The New European Podcast's listeners thoughts on what Britain can learn from its involvement in Afghanistan. Broadcaster and Journalist Mark Mardell guest stars on the podcast to discuss if the BBC's independence is under threat, his new documentary podcast Trading Blows, and how while exporters new regulations may have been deemed 'teething problems', they can still be painful, tedious and cause many a sleepless night - ask any parent. Finally, Nigel Farage, Ann Widdecombe and Desmond Swayne MP all feature in the Hall of Shame this week. Enjoyed this episode and the podcast's new shorter, snappier format? Let us know by tweeting @TheNewEuropean