Is audioboo mainly attractive because of its characters?

May 07, 2012, 08:46 AM
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JacquelineB - over 5 years ago

Great boo dzakyem and I'm happy with my Rise & Shine portrayal. I'm happy for you to be Dzakyem the Brain :)


dzakyem - over 5 years ago

Thank you for your feed-back folks! I know I was a bit forward; happily enough this was perceived as "brave" by you @sm2n ! And happily enough @macolgan, you liked my caricature. Perhaps aother folks did not like it. Caricatures are always a betrayal and @jacquelineb certainly is not only "rise and shine" attitude, all the time. I am happy to be part of this community of people who are ready to communicate with this newcomer and foreigner that I am. I often wish for closeness and fear it at the same time... perhaps like many people. I do not think I know everybody's name on twitter, or everybody's emails and references on skype... Anyway Thank you! I am very happy, thanks to you!


sm2n - over 5 years ago

Ha! :-)
I am quick-drying cement!
Yes you are the brainy one.
And brave...


macolgan - over 5 years ago

Exactly ! .. it is the character behind the voice that interests us - or not .
The content is not irrelevant, but is of course second to the "person".

I like your take on myself :))

What will macolgan's take on Dzakyem be i wonder .... 'interesting' 'deep' 'involved' 'insightful' 'brainy' 'fun' ...or all of these :)