Ang Lee 101

Episode 1,  Aug 22, 05:36 PM

The first episode of new miniseries THE GEMINI MAN DIALOGUES focusing on chameleon auteur, Ang Lee.

Where to start with GEMINI MAN, other than its uniquely eclectic, singularly emotionally intelligent, double Academy Award-winning director? 

Ang Lee has made films in virtually every genre, from Westerns to political dramas to family comedies. But his most recent film - and his second in 120fps high frame rate - is his boldest yet. Adam and Azeem delve into how the master action and emotion director ended up with a script written in the 90s and first attached to Disney and Tony Scott, with the likes of Harrison Ford (!), Sean Connery (!!) and Clint Eastwood (!!!) attached to star. 

Collaborators Ben Gervais, Demetri Portelli and EJ Misisco are on hand to help. And Ellen Cheshire, critic and author of 'In the Scene: Ang Lee' Ellen Cheshire puts it all into context.

Artwork by Jenni Herd and music composed by Tom Sheriff.