The Unstoppable Podcast Episode 6: The Coaches' Roundtable Part 1

Aug 23, 04:34 PM
A new branch springs off the USS tree with the first episode of "The Coaches' Roundtable". Our fearless leader and magnanimous host Dami @whamilare_dilliams is joined by Ellen O'Mahoney (@ellen_easystrong), Jake Spottiswood (@jakespottiswood) and Jasper-Campbell Crocker (@jasper_93kg). These three are the head coaches of EasyStrongCoaching Company, True Strength Systems, and Quartz Strength Systems. These pillars of the community discuss a range of topics, covering: their inspirations to coach, unique strategies they use, comparing many useful notes, and providing a great checklist of criteria to look for when seeking a coach, or seeking to coach. Plus they have a passionate debate about cereal at the end.