Billions for the EU, queue jumpers, a seat on the UN Security Council and their massive interest bill - Gillard 's 2012 budget

May 09, 2012, 01:21 PM

Labor has given 7 billion for the EU to live beyond its means, 5 billion to buy a temporary seat on the UN Security Council, foreign aid spending as if they were charged to some trade union boss's credit card, 1 billion for queue jumpers which is certain to blow out and 7 billion just for the interest on the massive debt they have incurred since they came to office. There is no plan to pay off the debt. In fact they're planning to borrow more -they've slipped through an authorisation to increase the amount they can borrow to an unbelievable $300 billion.

In the meantime, there's a lousy 300 million or so for seriously disabled Australians under the long-awaited National Disability Scheme. Those are the priorities under the Gillard government's 2012 budget. #EU #ForeignAid #GillardGovernment #IMF #InterestBill #QueueJumpers #AustraliaAndTheGlobalFinancialCrisis

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