Ep. 389 - The Measurable Morality of Atheists

Aug 27, 08:55 PM

This week, we talked about morality, BYU, aliens, what goes on in your basement when you have teenagers, atheist chaplains, and more!

Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— The new president of the chaplains at Harvard is an atheist. (4:07)

— A Mormon apostle chastised Brigham Young University for not being sufficiently anti-gay. (10:49)

— A “Catholic” anti-vaxxer said he didn’t care what Pope Francis said about the shots because “You have to be Catholic to be pope.” (20:42)

— When it comes to morality you can measure, atheists do better on just about every mark. (28:00)

— There’s been a rise in the acceptance of evolution in America. It’s still very low, though. (33:57)

— Christian mommy-shamer Lori Alexander says mothers should work from home or else their kids will have sex. Who wants to tell her…? (42:53)

— In Sydney, police fined churchgoers and their church for violating COVID lockdown orders. (47:10)

— Most atheists believe in intelligent life on other planets. (51:24)