"The Whole Shebang"

Episode 2,  Aug 29, 2021, 02:00 PM

An in-depth breakdown of the High Frame Rate and 3D technology that was used to make GEMINI MAN, featuring explanations from Technical Supervisor Ben Gervais and Stereographer Demetri Portelli.

Returning with a second episode all about the baffling and beguiling invention that is High Frame Rate tech, Azeem and Adam go into what exactly it is — and why it shines like never before in GEMINI MAN. Ben Gervais and Demetri Portelli, the guys who made it happen, give exclusive insight into their process and the sorts of conversations they were having with Ang Lee on set. GEMINI MAN’s most ambitious tech leap forward — among many — HFR is an exciting and wacky glimpse at the future. Just like THE GEMINI MAN DIALOGUES.

Audio snippet from NBC.

Artwork by Jenni Herd and music composed by Tom Sheriff.