'Gul aur Gulshan': A Love Story With No Ending

Episode 12,  Sep 01, 07:27 AM

All of us have read passionate stories about tragic lovers like Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranja, or Soni-Mahiwal who stood with each other in the face of adversities.

This episode of Qisse Kahaniya is based on one such story. It is the tale of Gul aur Gulshan from Gulistan — a small hamlet in Kashmir. These two lovers are madly in love with each other when the rivalry between their families is equally bitter. 

In year 2008, their story faces the most difficult phase, much like Kashmir itself.

What happens to their lives when fate takes its turn? Does it have a happy ending? Well, what is the meaning of a happy ending when some love stories just don't end?

Tune in to episode 11 of Qisse Kahaniyaan!

Narrator, Writer and Sound Designer: Athar Rather
Editor: Shelly Walia