Lúnasa, with Ciaran Hogan Baskets

Episode 7,  Sep 02, 2021, 09:00 PM

Ireland is a land built on ancient Celtic traditions, one of which is the harvest festival known as Lúnasa. In Irish mythology it is said to have been started by Lugh, the ancient Irish god of crafts, in honour of his mother, and is traditionally celebrated on the first of August. Which is why Lúnasa is also the Irish word for the month of August.

Traditionally Lúnasa has not only been a celebration of the harvest but also a time to show gratitude for everything that has been provided over the year just passed. In a more modern sense, Lúnasa can be used as a time of introspection, to reflect upon your journey and progress throughout the year and how much you’ve grown or changed.

In this episode we chat to Ciaran Hogan from Ciaran Hogan Baskets. Ciaran is a basket weaver located in the craft village of Spiddal, County Galway. His beautiful woven creations are helping to continue the tradition of one of the world’s oldest crafts. We also head to Killorglan in County Kerry to take a look at one of Ireland’s oldest and most unique festivals. 

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