The [Re]Fresh Prince

Episode 3,  Sep 05, 2021, 03:50 PM

A fascinating breakdown of the innovative visual effects used to recreate a young Will Smith

In the third episode, Adam and Azeem discuss the groundbreaking technological achievement of creating a fully CGI, 23 year old Will Smith. Given the audience's familiarity with what the young movie star looked like, it seems like an impossible task - and yet, they succeeded! 
They cover the extraordinary lengths taken by the VFX team to achieve photorealism, and the on-set practicalities of using stunt doubles and actors to both enhance and preserve Will Smith's performances. Finally, they discuss the future of these innovations, and what the ethical ramifications might be.
Featuring an audio snippet from THE GEMINI MAN DIALOGUES' interview with Demetri Portelli.
Artwork by Jenni Herd; music composed by Tom Sheriff.