Health Practitioners - How To Truly CHARGE What You Want. No LIMITS!

Episode 2,  Aug 27, 2021, 09:00 AM

Welcome to #TheAbundantPractitioner Podcast, Episode 2.

As a health and wellness practitioner, serving comes naturally to you.

You are a specialist working in any of the mental, physical or spiritual sub-niches and love bringing change to the lives of your clients.

The joy of seeing them transform before your very own eyes is quite something.

However, there seems to be a fundamental flaw in this arrangement.

It is myopic.

Your client is drawn towards you session by session and you get paid the same way.

But we know deep down that it isn’t a particular number of sessions but the overall process that makes a difference.

Also, there are only so many hours you can work every week and so many people you can help over 121s.

It can be frustrating at some times because you are eventually going to have to trade time for money if you want to grow your business more.

I am not even talking about the last-minute cancellations and no shows that practitioners literally take in their stride, like all the time!

In this podcast, I share how working in a whole new way elevates what you do to the next level.

It will not only break the imaginary income ceiling that you’ve been believing in for so long, but more importantly, it is something that your clients will absolutely love!

Who said you can’t hustle less and still leave a deeper impact in your client’s lives in the form of lasting transformations.

Leverage the true power of the global, booming, e-learning marketplace, to effect impact and transformation for your clients, yourself and your business!

The world lacks qualified practitioners like you. Take yourself to the global stage and truly live a limitless life! A life as filled with freedom as it is with abundance.

Dr. Tilean x

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