Episode 4 - Epictetus! We break down one of his famous quotes which leads to a length discussion around anxiety!

Episode 4,  Sep 08, 2021, 04:56 PM

A lengthy episode!! We had planned to let the conversations flow but with the desire to make episodes more bitesized than this one with the foresight of then sharing the extended versions of various episodes to fans of the show at a later date! But, we just could not get rid of anything from this! I hope you all enjoy the discussion and energy through the conversation as much as we did whilst recording it!

The quote we have chosen is a short but powerful passage from Discourses by the stoic philosopher Epictetus and revolves around the psychology of anxiety. If you love philosophy, stoicism and psychology then I am sure you will love this show and anyone can take a great deal from this episode!

In a time where mental health, anxiety and depression are heavily discussed but also largely misunderstood this show can be a source of great value to improve your life!

Want more episodes like this that involve lengthier discussions? Then please do support the show by spreading the work, leaving ratings and reviews etc so that we can see the value we are providing! Whilst this is a taster of those extended shows, we will in the main be sharing the shorter versions here and bring you the lengthier versions if we see many people taking value from the content.

We want to bring you a guide for life! Breaking down the unique wisdom of some of the greatest minds that have ever existed proven by the fact that the teachings of the stoics are still in existence today! But so few of us manage to realise the true meaning and value of many of these great philosophical works within the context of modern society.

In a similar approach to the Marcus Aurelius' Meditations for Modern Life podcast, but with the shared thoughts of co-hosts Adam Bates and Jamie Keeling adding the dynamic of two way conversation and their combined experiences through life!

For most episode the theme will centre around a different piece of text or quote from a well known Stoic philosopher from those attributed to Socrates through the words of Plato, or to Epicurus, to Seneca or others.

The aim is to bring you the guide for life, a life of happiness and fulfilment

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