9/10 - RuneScape loses players as developer bans fan-made HD plugin

Sep 10, 2021, 02:00 PM

Around the Monitor's back bringing you the week's hottest gaming news! Topics include: RuneScape fans in an uproar over developers banning a fan-made HD plugin for the game, Tripwire's CEO stepping down after backlash over a controversial tweet, and Roblox is hosting a Twenty One Pilot's concert in game.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 - Intro
1:39 - Trivia: How many paying members did RuneScape have at its peak?
PlayStation walks back decision to make consumers pay twice for Horizon 2’s PS5 version
3:38 - Topics
5:38 - RuneScape bans fan-made HD plugin hours before it releases https://kotaku.com/huge-runescape-mod-shut-down-just-hours-before-release-1847633064
16:10 - Avengers will finally get Spider-Man and its very first raid this year, can it be saved?
25:52 - Tripwire’s CEO steps down after voicing support for Texas Anti-Abortion Law
41:22 - Roblox will host a live Twenty One Pilots concert, players can pick the songs
45:42 - Ubisoft hires veteran who’s been with the company for 20 years to replace corrupt CCO https://kotaku.com/ubisoft-appoints-another-white-french-guy-as-head-creat-1847629572
53:05 - PlayStation walks back forcing players to pay extra for Horizon 2 on PS5
1:02:31 - The Winner is…
1:05:04 - Closing and Plugs