"Well I'll watch ya!”

Episode 20,  Jun 07, 04:01 AM

Kevin Westerbeck was one of the predators caught in the Greenville, Ohio sting. He is one of the most hated predators on the show and is frequently made fun of due to his height.

Westerbeck was a 47 year old Budget Analyst for the US Military working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base at the time of his involvement on the show. He started chatting with “Destiny”, a girl he believed to be thirteen. He admits to the decoy that he had been arrested and sentenced for soliciting already and was due to start serving his time at the end of the week. Westerbeck asks to come over and after making sure the meeting is about sex, he gives the dimensions of his penis.

On the day of the meet, Westerbeck arrives and is greeted by the decoy by voice. The decoy told him to wait at the barstool while she changed, though Westerbeck insisted that he watch her as he tried to follow her voice. Chris Hansen arrived in order to stop him from meandering deeper into the house and told Westerbeck to take a seat. Westerbeck waddled to the stool and climbed up onto it. Chris then grilled him about the chat as well as reference Westerbeck‘s previous arrest for soliciting minors.

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Adapted from journalist Chris Hansen’s popular TO CATCH A PREDATOR series, each episode of PREDATOR I'VE CAUGHT features Chris recalling the most notorious cases and providing a “Where are they now?” update.  Email Chris directly, Chris@PredatorPodcast.com